automate au‧to‧mate [ˈɔːtəmeɪt ǁ ˈɒː-] verb [transitive] MANUFACTURING
to change to a system where goods are produced or jobs are done by machines rather than by people:

• Computers have enabled us to automate many of the routine tasks in offices.

— automated adjective :

• the industry's first fully automated warehouse

— automation noun [uncountable] :

• Costs have been reduced by automation and heavy job cuts.

• software for office automation

* * *

automate UK US /ˈɔːtəmeɪt/ verb [T] WORKPLACE, PRODUCTION
to use machines or computers instead of people to do a particular task, especially in a factory or office: »

The software automates many processes, increasing reliability and reducing the time involved with each order.


All of the factory's operations have been automated.

automated /ˈɔːtəmeɪtɪd/ US  /ˈɑːṱəmeɪţɪd/ adjective

a fully automated production plant


An automated system notifies you via e-mail whenever credit information is added to your file.

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